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Proper way of Nikah

Proper way of Nikah

The proper way of doing Nikah

How to do Nikah in Islam

What's the proper way of doing Nikah and what are the requirements like everything ,what is the proper way of doing Nikah the proper way in Islam for marriage is that the father of the girl or her guardian if she doesnít have a father than her brother if she doesnít have a brother then her son if she doesn't have a son then her uncle then her cousin paternal all not maternal.

So they propose that this is known as a there has to be proposal from the garden he says I give you my daughter in marriage this is the proposal the e job there has to be response known as Kabul  acceptance.

So the boy says I accept her marriage and this has to be in the presence of two male Muslim witness witnesses or more . we donít have to specifically identify them as ammidon Mohammed if we are in a gathering and everyone is listening this is sufficient though we did not specify who the witnesses are and one of the conditions is that a Mahar is given a dowry from the boys side to the girl and this is either agreed upon before the marriage contract that usually the boys or his father says listen, we're giving 20 thousand 30 thousand Riyals or any currency that okay and the girl's father says yeah it's okay or this is no we are interested in 50 thousand for example.

So it's given take or if they did not disclose an amount then the judge looks at the average that women in that area take as a dowry and he forces the boy to give it and thatís it end of story the marriage took place of course the consent of the boy and the girl is a priority and but this is by default because if the girl does not accept the boy in marriage the marriage is void and the father of the boy cannot just simply propose and his son is unaware of that this also is not valid .