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Requirements for Nikah

It is often ask what's the proper way of making or do conducting a Nikah, The reason of question is that there was a sister staying home and in the message the kadhi the Mozon whoever asked about the Guardian and her elder brother who is the Guardian if father died,  two of the elders like uncle's or so on and they conducted a phone call to his sister asking her if she agrees and she agreed apparently and the Maher  was not disclosed and the marriage took place is the marriage valid.

Yes see the marriage to be valid there has to be the presence and consent of the Guardian who is usually the father if the father is dead then the brother the eldest brother.

 The consent of the girl the presence of the groom and his acceptance and to Muslim witnesses is there any need for a kathi or a mozon  or for someone of that of an official position though if I want to get my daughter married. I would say to the man, I give you my daughter in marriage this is known as a ijab the proposal and if he says I accept her marriage this is Kabul acceptance in the presence of two Muslim.

The marriage officially is conducted but we always state that you have to have it in writing in a contract to save the girl's rights.  So that the man if he doesn’t fear Allah he does not just hit-and-run know there are witnesses.  There are there is a contract written officially, she can go and claim in the court through the legal system etc and demand her rights not naming the mehar this is also acceptable but now it is not up to me and her to decide afterwards though the marriage is conducted that okay let's bargain I say 10 she says 50 as his 20 she says forty .

No there's no bargaining how do know what the Muftees the officials asked in her community usually a girl of her age 18, 20, 25 years of age how much is she entitled for Mahar  in the community and they would say well she's entitled for 20,000 30,000 then he has to pay this amount and there's no problem in that inshallah