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Women rights in Islam

The issue of women in Islam is a topic of great misunderstanding and Distortion not due to the lack of understanding but due to the misbehavior of some Muslims and also due to the hatred propaganda of some media and enemies of Islam which has been taken to represent the teachings of Islam before I speak here about what Islam teaches and that is the standard according to which Muslims are to be judged.

 let us see the position a status of women in various cultures and religions firstly let us go through the pages of history and analyze what was the status of women if we analyze the Greek civilization the status of women was not as equal as of men and the popular mythology of the woman called Pandora.

 She was considered the root of all evils if we analyze the Roman civilization it had an absolute law where if a married man committed a sexual act with another woman other than his wife he would be less scot-free but if a married woman committed the same act committed the same crime should be given that penalty.

If we analyze the Egyptian civilization they considered women as the sign of Shaitaan as a sign of devil there was a very cruel means of discrimination where in the Chinese civilization the process of foot binding was done with the woman the feet of women were Biden in such a way that they were not allowed to grow beyond 4 inches because it's difficult for them to walk and even think of competing with men further.

 When we come to the major religions of the world .Hinduism one of the major religion if we analyze man already as it is considered to be the law book of Hindus if we read already number five verse number 154 each said the woman she should serve her husband even if he is reward of any learning or character or conjugal fidelity from Hindu religious scriptures Vedas are considered to be the most authentic and in the Vedas regret is the most is the oldest and most authentic claimed by the Hindus

 If we read regret book number 10 hymn number 18 verse number 7,  it encourages the Hindu woman that if her husband dies they should jump on the final part of her husband to prove that she is a virtuous wife further when we come to Bible in the book of Genesis in old Testament  if we read Genesis chapter number  3 verse number 16 it says just because our mother  Eve the first woman on the earth that is our mother hawa adam alayhis-salam all the woman till the last day on earth God according to Bible says will experience labor pains as a punishment because our mother Eve tempted Adam peace be upon him but woman in Islam deserves a lot of respect and care according to Quran .

Men and women have the same spirit there is no superiority between the spiritual self between men and women as it is mentioned in surah Nisa chapter number 4  at number 1  surah Araf chap number 7 verse number 189 surah surah ayat number 11 as I started my speech with a recitation of Holy Quran from surah Nisa chapter 4 at number 1 in which Allah commands all the Muslims who have taqwa and to give each other the rights they deserve ah how the the Quran explicitly in more than one ayah surah al-imran chapter number three at the moment e5 surah  nisa Chapter no four at number 124 stage that whoever does good deeds and is believer and then specifies male or female Allah will give them an abundant reward secondly there is no restriction in Islamic  law which states a woman cannot work or have a profession the only places in home in fact by definition in a truly Islamic society they should be women provisions women nurses women teachers because is preferable also to separate teenagers from the volatile years of high school education and if she choose us to work or if she is married with the consent of her husband she is entitled to equal pay not for equal work but forward of equal work.

 When it comes to financial security Islamic  law is more tilted in many respect towards women at the time of marriage. It is the duty of the husband not the bride's family he's supposed to pay for a marital gift  the Quran called it a gift and it is exclusively the right of the woman the full maintenance and support of a married woman is the entire responsibility of the husband even though she might be richer than he is she doesn't have to spend a penny in return for these little securities it is clear why slamming laws pertaining to inheritance given a higher share husbands and wives duties and mutual responsibilities they might not be identical duties but the totality of rights and responsibilities are balanced.

 The Quran says in surah bakra chapter number  2 verse number  228 women had the same rights and are expected in all decency from them while men stand a step above them and once again.

 I would emphasize on respect and kindness a woman deserves as it is her right to be respected prophet Mohammed saleh ali wasallam said in one of his last commands in his farewell pilgrimage. He kept repeating,  I command you to be kind and considerate to women in another hadith, he said it is the only generous in character who is good to women and only the evil one who insults them women’s rights in Islam are not being set down by any man women's rights in Islam are not being set down by any woman women’s rights in Islam are not being said on many group of people women's rights in Islam are from the creator of men and women Allah subhana Allah.

Now in a nutshell in brief I want to tell you how Islam elevated an lifted  the dignity of women to such an extent that no other philosophy religion culture and concept can bring the fruits of honor with Islam gifted to women.

 You’ll be amazed by the beauty of Islam in honoring women for example Islam uplifted the woman's dignity by quoting that  LeBeau one a man's religion will not be completed unless he will not marry a woman number two as a mother Islam says paradise lies beneath the feet of mother number three as a daughter.  Islam valued women that a father who had two girl child and fulfill their rights till their marriage will be in the company of prophet Muhammad sallallahu wasallam.

 The prophet Muhammad  (peace be upon him ) said in another hadith, that the best among you are those who are good to their woman these statements from the Quran and hadees are itself enough to judge how Islam given the rights to women.